Xiaomi Mi Note 11

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

The Xiaomi Mi Note 11 could be perhaps the best telephone of 2020 – its forerunner, the Mi Note 10, sits in our rundown of the best cell phones, and the organization has likely taken in a great deal from its mid 2020 premium handsets – the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro – as well.

We state ‘could’ on the grounds that have we not tried the telephone, yet we don’t have a clue whether it’s coming. The Mi Note 10 was an unexpected dispatch, given that the Mi Note telephone before it was the Note 3 years earlier, and it’s not satisfactory if this is another range from Xiaomi or if that was a coincidental handset.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 release date and cost

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was propelled in November 2019 – it’s conceivable, at that point, that we’ll see the more up to date form propelled around a similar time in 2020. Anyway that date could be influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic somehow, so the telephone could be deferred until 2021.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

With respect to, the Mi Note 10 expense £459/AU$888 (about $590) for its most moderate variation, so it’s conceivable the Mi Note 11 will cost that much or maybe a limited quantity more.

Saying that, the Xiaomi Mi 10 was significantly pricier than the Mi 9. It’s conceivable the organization will repeat this jump in the Mi Note line, however we’d want to think not as the low cost was the Mi Note 10’s genuine quality.


The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 had five back cameras, yet just three were extremely noteworthy or valuable. One in the awful heap was the 8MP fax snapper. In principle it was valuable, with 5x optical zoom, but since of the low-res sensor, pictures looked somewhat fluffy, and you could improve pictures by bringing 108MP snaps and trimming down physically.

We’d prefer to see the Mi Note 11 pack a superior sensor with its fax or periscope focal point for zoomed shots, so there was motivation to close the separation with the camera.


Xiaomi Mi telephones ordinarily have fine battery lives, however we’re once in a while as intrigued by how long they last as we are handsets from another Xiaomi brand, Redmi. Mi telephones will most recent daily, fine, yet you’ll be unable to get them to run for a subsequent day – or even one entire day in case you’re pushing the camera as far as possible.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

We’d like the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 to last longer without requiring a charge, either with a superior battery or – perhaps a superior alternative – with some product advancements that implies it channels power more slow.

Quicker charging

Xiaomi telephones commonly have quick charging speeds, the absolute best accessible maybe, however every year the top accessible charging tech gets snappier and speedier. We’d prefer to see the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 remain on the ball.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

While the Mi Note 10 had 30W charging, which is quicker than bunches of the opposition as of now, perhaps Xiaomi could knock the Note 11 up to 50W or even 65W to truly best its adversaries. Xiaomi has flaunted 100W quick charging tech previously, so it isn’t so much that irrational either.

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