There have been bits of gossip that Nintendo is dealing with a Nintendo Switch 2 for a long time now. Be that as it may, if Nintendo does to be sure to have something at its disposal, we, in any event, realize it won’t be coming in 2020 as the organization has affirmed it won’t be discharging any new consoles this year.

Nintendo Switch 2

That doesn’t ensure, however, that we won’t see the arrival of another Nintendo Switch soon – with gossipy tidbits proposing another, exceptional Switch reassure (maybe a Nintendo Switch Pro) may be on the cards.


In 2019, Nintendo discharged two new Switch gadgets: the Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch with improved battery life. In any case, we’re despite everything expecting the House of Mario to have one more new Nintendo Switch at its disposal.


A Wall Street Journal report has proposed that – notwithstanding these new gadgets – there’s likewise a premium Nintendo Switch support in transit: possibly a Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2. While we’re taking these bits of gossip with the essential spot of salt, the report did effectively foresee the arrival of the Switch Lite, adding more weight to this hypothesis. Be that as it may, when would we be able to see this new Switch?

A few reports guaranteed that we would be seeing another Switch in 2020, anyway Nintendo has authoritatively closed down these gossipy tidbits. Nintendo’s CEO Shuntaro Furukawa has said that there are “no designs to dispatch another Nintendo Switch model during 2020” which is a genuinely obvious explanation.

That implies we’re basically in obscurity about when a Nintendo Switch 2 may show up however we’re seeking after a discharge date at some point one year from now.


Clearly overhauls cost cash, and updates with improved equipment doubly so. We’re completely expecting the Nintendo Switch 2 (or Switch Pro), with its refreshed equipment, to cost more than the current Switch’s £279/$299/AU$469 evaluating.

Likewise, the Switch Lite isn’t actually modest. The handheld Switch costs $199.99/£199.99/AU$329.95, which isn’t excessively far off the first’s cost – and that is with less highlights than the first.

Nintendo Switch 2 (image credit : nintendo)

Dr Toto recommended a sticker price of $399, which appears to be a decent gauge. All things considered, the PS4 Pro is $100 more than the PS4. The value increase considers the improved equipment without being restrictive. Nonetheless, this is Nintendo we’re discussing, and we wouldn’t be amazed to see a Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2 cost a bit more than that.


Nintendo might not have authoritatively declared a Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2, yet we’ve assembled all the greatest news and gossipy tidbits encompassing the new Nintendo Switch directly here for your scrutiny.

Using Nintendo Switch highlights

In the 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (through VideoGamer), Nintendo expressed that future consoles will outfit the Switch’s one of a kind components and experience.

“Our present age game framework, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year since dispatch, however its energy is expanding,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said. “We accept there are two components behind this. First is the presence of two equipment arrangements with various attributes, in Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The subsequent factor is that Nintendo’s advancement assets are focused on creating content for a solitary stage, Nintendo Switch. We need to broaden the existence pattern of Nintendo Switch while expanding such favorable circumstances.

Nintendo Switch 2 (Image credit: Nintendo)

“From the point of view of playing with the picture showed on a TV, we accept that since customers can play Nintendo Switch on a TV or the game support screen itself, it has incredibly expanded the open doors for ongoing interaction in different scenes in their lives, contrasted with past consoles,” Furukawa proceeded. “Through Nintendo Switch, we’ve made numerous revelations about where a devoted computer game stage can fit into a shopper’s day by day life. We see scenes via web-based networking media of youngsters and their families lounging around a game support to play, which gives us a recharged feeling of the estimation of our devoted computer game stage. We will use these encounters in cautiously considering the structure our future game consoles will take.”


Dataminers have been flowing through Nintendo’s firmware adaptation 10.0.0 for data on new Switch comforts and have obviously distinguished codenames for the forthcoming gadgets.

As indicated by JershJopstin on Resetera, there are five distinguished codenames for Nintendo Switch models: Icosa, Copper, Hoag, Iowa, and Calcio. Here’s a breakdown of what we think about their codenames up until this point (expresses gratitude toward TweakTown).

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