For a considerable length of time, Google has been offering its madly modest brilliant speakers to extraordinary achievement, first with the name ‘Google Home Mini’ and now with the name ‘Google Nest Mini’.

Whatever name it as of now passes by, these multipurpose speakers fill in as both an entryway to the shrewd home by the method of Google Assistant and a strong speaker that can be controlled with your voice or through your telephone with Bluetooth.

The completed outcome is a section level shrewd speaker that doesn’t have a similar force or clearness of, state, the Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Studio, or Google Home Max, however, its ease and a staggering list of capabilities make it an extraordinary hopping off point for people simply getting into brilliant home voice control and computerization.

Price examination and delivery date

What Google’s scaled-down shrewd speaker is most for, notwithstanding, is its absolute bottom price – the Google Nest Mini should cost $49.99/£49/AU$79, yet is frequently on special for just $35/£35.

At the point when you figure it out on what amount goes into this speaker – the speakers, the mouthpieces, the remote collector, and locally available processor – it’s sort of stunning how modest Google can sell this speaker for.

How much, if any of it, Google makes back in information assortment and deals stays a subject of discussion (Google has disclosed to certain locales that information gathered through inquiries may “educate your inclinations for promotion personalization on Google administrations”) however it merits referencing to make sure you’re mindful of what’s conceivable.

Its moderate retail cost places it by practically any financial plan Bluetooth speaker you’d purchase on Amazon, and practically none of those can coordinate the Nest Mini as far as a list of capabilities. Truth be told, the main another speaker in distantly a similar weight class as the Nest Mini is the Amazon Echo Dot – which likewise costs just $35/£29/AU$79.


Notwithstanding the Nest Mini’s moderate retail cost, there’s nothing about its structure that alarms you this is without a doubt a modest speaker: The plan is present day, clean, and unpretentious, particularly on the off chance that you get it in an inconspicuous shading like Chalk (grayish) or Charcoal (dark). On the off chance that you need to flavor things up with the two more bright choices – Coral (pink-red) or Sky (light blue) – you can unquestionably do as such, however, those probably won’t fit with everybody’s family room stylistic theme.

google nest mini used

Despite which shading you go for, the Nest Mini has a texture work on top that covers three touch-capacitive catches for raising and bringing down the volume, and play/delay. On the underside, you’ll discover a rubber treated base that praises the texture work and shrouds an amplifier quite catch on the posterior close to the force port. To wrap things up, on the underside, you’ll discover a spot for a widespread mount for simple holding tight a divider – a first for Google’s speakers.

What you won’t find anyplace on the Nest Mini is a 3.5mm line-out jack that could, in principle, associate with some other speaker or a line-in aux port that would permit you to interface your telephone or MP3 player to support your music. You’ll locate the previous on the Amazon Echo Dot (third Generation) that was delivered a year preceding the Nest Mini and the last on a year ago’s new Amazon Echo. For neither one to be on the Nest Mini feels like somewhat of a stumble.

Note: The uplifting news however is that the Nest Mini can associate with your cell phone using Bluetooth 5.0 so there’s consistently that choice, as well, if you need it.


While the expansion of Bluetooth is extraordinary (and, as you’ll find in a moment, urgently required), the essential method of interfacing with the Google Nest Mini is, clearly, Google Assistant.

google nest mini used

On the off chance that you attempted other menial helpers like Siri, Alexa, or Bixby previously, or have attempted Google Assistant on another Android gadget, you’ll comprehend what’s in store here – a strong partner that can take advantage of your schedule to make arrangements, set updates, and clocks, control the music from mainstream web-based features, associate with some brilliant TVs and answer many – yet not all – of the inquiries you can think of on an everyday premise.

The experience of setting up and utilizing Google Assistant has to a great extent improved in the previous three-and-a-half years since it propelled and truly is as straightforward as downloading the Google Home application if you haven’t as of now, signing in utilizing your email, and appointing it to a room.

Through the Google Home application, you can set up multi-room bunches that empower you to hear a similar melody across various speakers on the off chance that you own more than one Google Assistant speaker, and control any brilliant gadgets you own in case you’re excessively far away from the Nest Mini.

You’ll additionally have the option to utilize the application to choose which benefits the Nest Mini defaults to when you request that it play music – which is truly vital. Your decisions incorporate Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, or Pandora, however, getting the Nest Mini to play a particular tune requires membership to one of the above administrations… which is somewhat disillusioning. The Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can play YouTube Music tunes on order without a membership with advertisements, and it’s frustrating to locate the equivalent isn’t valid for the Nest Mini.

The best workaround? Discover a tune on YouTube you need to tune in to on your telephone and afterward interface using Bluetooth to hear that melody on the Nest Mini.

Audio Performance

Music from the speaker is genuinely average – it has great clearness in the mid-extend that is ideal for discourse generation, yet it’s not melodic, particularly in the high or bass extents. It will completely astound you by how uproarious it can get yet the exhausting high pitch and iron-deficient bass don’t make for the best experience when tuning in to your main tunes.

Due to the way, it’s planned, you likewise won’t get any sound system division when tuning in to the speaker – however, you will get the 360-degree sound that permits you to put the speaker anyplace in the room, particularly in littler rooms like a home office. It’s not the best compromise on the off chance that you love music, yet it’s one that Google expected to make for a speaker of this size and reason.

Fortunately, in case you’re originating from the first Google Home Mini, you’ll be massively dazzled with the upgrades Google made with this speaker. Indeed, the Nest Mini uses three speakers, one up over the Home Mini, and has double the bass reaction as the first Home Mini. You despite everything won’t hear the sound system channel partition yet it’s as yet a major advance up.

While music isn’t the speaker’s solid suit, it truly nails the mid-extend. That is incredible in case you’re attempting to hear the day by day news over the dull thunder of kitchen discussion, and great for webcast fans who can never discover a speaker that appropriately intensifies voices.

If you need to attempt to include back in that high pitch or bass reaction, you can endeavor to do as such through the Google Home application that we referenced above, however, don’t anticipate that the Nest Mini should ever stable on a par with its bigger brethren the Google Home or Google Home Max.

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