When you buy an Echo smart speaker, it comes with the Alexa virtual assistant built into it.

what’s the contrast among echo and Alexa?

Alexa is the menial helper, while Echo is the keen speaker gadget.
At the point when you purchase an Echo keen speaker, it accompanies the Alexa menial helper incorporated with it.

What does Alexa do?

With straightforward Alexa voice orders, you can ask Alexa to set clocks, play music, turn the lights on and off, mess around, request from Amazon a quite a lot more.
Simply state “Alexa, set clock for 20 minutes” or “Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen.” Pretty stunning.
Look at VoiceBrew’s rundown of the 20 best Alexa aptitudes right currently to see the most ideal approaches to benefit from Alexa.

What are Alexa’s abilities?

Alexa aptitudes are what could be compared to a cell phone application.
For instance, similarly that you can download the Uber application on your cell phone, you can empower the Uber expertise on Alexa. (I know, the language of “aptitude” and “empower” feels somewhat abnormal from the outset.)

What does my Echo do?

It’s your speaker! It will play music or radio or most whatever else you approach Alexa for. Furthermore, Alexa will react to you through the speaker.
Your Echo speaker is unique about different speakers
Since you can converse with it! At the point when you state your Alexa voice orders.

you express them to your Echo brilliant speaker.
The Echo has receivers incorporated with it so it can hear you — regardless of whether it’s playing music — and “wake up” when it hears its wake word “Alexa”. (You can without much of a stretch pick a custom Alexa wake word on the off chance that you need).
Many individuals call their Echo shrewd speakers “Alexas” or “Alexa speakers” — I some of the time do likewise!

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